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Tumikia Watu-Khuthaza is the sole proprietor of TWK Web & Print Design: an integrated web development and graphic design business located in northern California. My goal is to help my clients grow their business by providing professional web-based and print marketing materials.

Images: Love a Good Sale

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Sale on Stock Images

Who doesn’t love a good sale especially on the things we need. As a designer/developer, I am always in need of good graphics or images either for my own purposes or for my clients. Yet, it can be an expensive proposition whether you purchase individually or by subscription.

Recently, I came across a […]

Get to Know Your Local Printing Companies – Part 2

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If you are a fan of Broadway musicals like me, you might remember Rodgers and Hammerstein’s song “Getting to know you” from The King and I.

Getting to know you, getting to know all about you.
Getting to like you, getting to hope you like me.

Getting to know you, putting it my way,
But nicely,
You are precisely,
My cup […]

Get to know Your Local Printing Companies

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One factor that leads to high quality print materials is the relationship between the designer and the printer. Believe it or not, most printers want to deliver amazing print materials and excellent customer service. Some even manage to do so despite the poor quality files supplied by their customers. However, it’s the customer who pays […]

Design Winning Font Combinations

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In my last blog, I discussed color and our emotional response to it. With this blog, I want to continue to look at our emotional responses to design – specifically typefaces.

Have you ever stood in front of a painting next to someone and said, “I love this piece,” only to hear the person next to […]