More and more of my clients and potential clients are wanting to take control of managing their content on the web rather than paying a web developer to post new content for them. Personally, I like to see my clients take ownership of their website content. Unfortunately, because they lack even the basic computer skills, they typically abandon the idea in frustration.

TWK Web and Print Design provides training and coaching to clients so they can manage the site after the build. This training supplies them with the tools to add all kinds of content to their site, including video, text, images and graphics as well as audio posts. The training can be very intensive and extensive depending upon the client’s computing and web knowledge.

Each type of content (video, text, images, etc.) comes with it’s own challenges. For example, I encourage clients to edit images prior to bringing them into the media library of their WordPress site. It’s considered a best practice. Typically, I ask them to crop or re-size the image. Both Windows and Mac operating systems provide some level of image editing software. Yet, most Windows users in my network don’t know it exists or they don’t know how to use it.

Typically, a lack of basic computer skills is not necessarily a problem for business owners with even the smallest staff. Generally, they hire someone to add content, like a marketer who has basic computer skills. They contract the work out. Or administrative staff with the requisite computing skills will manage the site content.

Largely, solo entrepreneurs and new business owners are the ones who suffer from a lack of basic computer skills. Often they cannot hire or contract out due to budget constraints. After all, they are trying to run or build their business. However, it pains me to hear clients say “my nephew” or “my son” or some unpaid friend updates my content. Mainly, because in a few months those “unpaid” persons will move onto bigger and better things as they should. As a result, the site becomes static. Due to the static nature of the site, they lose visitors and fall lower in search engine rankings. In the end, these small businesses lose out on leads and sales.

According to recent data from marketing company Hubspot: Increasing your publishing frequency from 3-5 times per month, to 6-8 times per month, can nearly double your inbound sales and leads.

We tell our clients and networking friends that a regularly updated and engaging blog, will position the site for more web traffic and increased lead generation. Therefore, if their budget will not allow them to hire staff to update their site content, save some time and money. Do it yourself.

Save Time and Money

Solo entrepreneurs and new business owners could save time and money if they took a basic computer class that introduced some basic elements:

  • Image Editing
  • Internet Browsers
  • Email
  • Word Processing
  • Presentations
  • Spreadsheets

In my opinion, if all small business owners had a basic understanding of the above-mentioned items, they would pay their developer to maintain their site. That is, update themes and plugins and add new features rather than adding content. Thus, saving money and time.

Classes for basic computer skills are often offered at local community colleges, adult schools or they can be taken online. Typically, these classes are relatively inexpensive with time being the biggest expenditure. However, I feel the return on investment is far greater than the initial investment. The Berkeley Adult School located in Berkeley, California offers a plethora of computer classes from basic computing to web development. They even provide computer literacy testing.

Basic computer skills could give small business owners the real control of their website and marketing they desire.