Help! My Firewall is Blocking My FTP Connection.

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Though WordPress is my tool of choice for building web sites, I still mange a few HTML sites for clients. The work is infrequent and poses very few problems. So, I was surprised today when my FTP (file transfer protocol) connection to a clients server failed repeatedly. After several hours, I finally resolved the issue that […]

Dollar Photo Club

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Unfortunately, Dollar Photo Club is no more.

I enjoy the process of writing, which for me is, researching and crafting a great message to share with clients and friends. Even better, I love finding the perfect image to enhance my carefully written post. It’s like the icing on the cake. Sweet and delicious and takes the […]

Infographic: 11 Essential Ingredients Every Blog Post Needs

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The folks at CopyBlogger created this wonderful Infographic, 11 Essential Ingredients Every Blog Post Needs. They post by Demian Farnworth even encourages sharing it by providing the necessary code. Click the graphic to visit their site, to read the full post,  to download a PDF checklist of the rules, or to get more information on […]

Change Your Passwords: A Heartbleed Precaution

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Don’t leave yourself vulnerable to attack. The Heartbleed Bug may not be front-page news at this time, but it is no less of a threat. Last week, we heard that the Heartbleed Bug posed a grave threat to Internet security and we were advised to take immediate action. Heartbleed affects OpenSSL, used by a majority […]

Basic Computer Skills Save Time and Money

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More and more of my clients and potential clients are wanting to take control of managing their content on the web rather than paying a web developer to post new content for them. Personally, I like to see my clients take ownership of their website content. Unfortunately, because they lack even the basic computer skills, […]