Dollar Photo Club

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Unfortunately, Dollar Photo Club is no more.

I enjoy the process of writing, which for me is, researching and crafting a great message to share with clients and friends. Even better, I love finding the perfect image to enhance my carefully written post. It’s like the icing on the cake. Sweet and delicious and takes the […]

Creating Efficient Communication Documents

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As an owner of a small design and development business, I’ve developed a few key documents/tools to keep my work and interaction with clients organized and focused. I consider these documents a precious resource for communicating with clients. Creating efficient tools can be daunting. My goal was to create communication tools that would facilitate the […]

Writing for the Web: My Clients and Content

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Content. My client’s text content is always a big concern of mine especially since most of my clients, at this time, cannot afford to hire a marketing content writer. Thus, they are either ill-prepared with content or they have too much content. Thus, my role as their web designer/developer is to help them […]

My New Business

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My business in now four months old. In building this business, I have had my ups and downs. I am learning to banish my inner critic; and acknowledging that I have my own unique relationship with the divine flow.

Thus far, I am enjoying myself and the process. I’ve learned that challenges make me a better […]

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