Unfortunately, Dollar Photo Club is no more.

I enjoy the process of writing, which for me is, researching and crafting a great message to share with clients and friends. Even better, I love finding the perfect image to enhance my carefully written post. It’s like the icing on the cake. Sweet and delicious and takes the whole experience to the next level.

Finding high-quality images that fit the budget used to be difficult and tedious. That was until recently. As luck would have it, a colleague introduced me to the Dollar Photo Club. That’s right $1! One dollar per image and I love it!

You might think for that price one would find only low quality images with minimal variety. Rather the opposite is true. Dollar Photo Club images are high quality and high resolution with a huge range of choices. Thus, freelancers and small business owners now have the opportunity to explore an exquisite collection of royalty-free photos and vector graphics (electronic line drawings or illustrations) without blowing the budget.

We Deserve Choice

Dollar Photo Club is an ever-expanding library of over 22 million stock images available for just $1 each. Finding the perfect image that fits your creativity and business needs is a piece of cake. With such an extensive collection, perusing the Club library for the ideal image is now a pleasure rather than a dull chore. There are so many premium choices that make choosing the perfect image a breeze. Dollar Photo Club is also a wonderful resource. You’ll find all kinds of images for designing complex graphics and the collection allows designers like me to visually brainstorm as well. With 100,000 images added each day, you are sure to find the ideal image.

Budget Perfect!

It fits my budget. As a small business owner and freelancer managing my money is important. Whether I’m looking for royalty-free images for my business or for my clients, Dollar Photo Club fits the budget.

 Dollar Photo Club is a Club Worth Joining

Joining is easy and fast. To join, I completed a simple form and I was registered within minutes. Also, response time is great! A month after joining, I realized I needed an adjustment to my account. I logged in, asked my question and received a response within 24 hours. Do I recommend you join? Absolutely, I am happy with the cost and the quality of images in the Dollar Photo Club collection.

Woo-Hoo! According to Dollar Photo Club, “Just $10 a month gives you unlimited access to the vast collection of images, all royalty-free and available for any project or document with absolutely no limits on time, region, or print runs.” It’s definitely a site worth visiting and a club worth joining! Hurry Dollar Photo Club membership is limited, so join now before time runs out!