My business in now four months old. In building this business, I have had my ups and downs. I am learning to banish my inner critic; and acknowledging that I have my own unique relationship with the divine flow.

Thus far, I am enjoying myself and the process. I’ve learned that challenges make me a better designer and a stronger developer. Although I dreaded the idea at first, I am beginning to embrace networking. I now look at networking as a means to help others problem-solve. Sometimes I can help them and they become clients; other times I make referrals. After all I love referrals, they are like little gifts; therefore, I love giving referrals as much as I love giving them.

So, I am embracing this new adventure in my life: TWK Web and Print Design. It is impossible for me to fail as long as I am willing to learn, struggle, succeed, and even fail occasionally. This is my opportunity to fulfill a prosperous and successful life on my own terms.

I plan to use this blog to talk about new projects. I think it will be fun to go from concept to design and development. Also, I like to share and comment on new apps and people or companies who aid in my success. For example, I love More times than I can count, I have found useful titles and videos that helped me resolve various design or development problems.